Orion VX2000
Orion VX2000


The Most Affordable Video Conferencing Solution

Just like its younger brother the Orion VX1000, the Orion VX2000 offers the most cost effective HD video conferencing MCU for its capabilities in the market. The Orion VX2000 has the exact same feature set as the Orion VX1000, but provides double the conference capacity.

Conferencing for Enterprises, Conferencing for SMBs

By using video conferencing organizations improve efficiency and productivity, expedite decision making, reduce travel expenses, and bring geographically dispersed teams closer. Video conferencing for SMBs and enterprises needs to be affordable without compromising service quality.  The Orion VX2000 unleashes the full power of video conferencing, providing an easy to deploy, use and manage video conferencing solution, accessible from any device and system. It is a solution for all, at an unrivaled price.

Proven Interoperability

Compatibility and interoperability (“interop”) between various types of end points and applications is a key challenge for video conferencing systems. Interop deficiencies derive from incompatibility between different types of networks, devices, protocols or media characteristics – all demanding powerful bridging and processing capabilities in real time.

The Orion VX2000 is capable of identifying the end point resolution capabilities, and providing each user with the optimal video stream for their device. As a result, it bridges the gaps and allows connectivity between a wide variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, smartphones, video phones and room systems.

The Orion VX2000 interoperability is identical to that of the Orion VX1000.

Furthermore, the Orion VX2000 offers the complete set of video conferencing features and capabilities required by Service Providers in a variety of frameworks: on premise, managed, or hosted in the cloud.

 Network Topologies

Just like the Orion VX1000, the Orion VX2000 can be integrated easily into any enterprise’s network. The Orion VX2000 can be installed behind the enterprise firewall/NAT or in the cloud. It can interface with the PBX as an extension and enables connectivity with any client — whether on the same network, on the Internet, or behind a remote NAT/firewall — without the need for an additional Session Border Controller (SBC).

  • MCU Supports up to 8 Simultaneous Conferences
  • Up to 29 Participants per Conference (16 Viewable HD)
  • Aggressively Priced
  • Hosted, Managed, or On-Premise
  • Any SIP/H.323 End Point or Soft Client (Including Mobile Clients)
  • All-Inclusive – No Hidden Costs
  • Desktop/content sharing with both SIP and H.323/H.239
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